Polite Outrage

I don’t particularly want to get into it here, as I don’t think this is the fastest way to their customer service (if it even exists?), but Precisely What Exists continues to be plagued by a No Internet At Home problem facilitated and even perhaps promoted by one Comcast/Xfinity service provider, who today announced their second “what appointment in the system” fiasco.

Hopefully sometime next week things will resume as normal.  In the meantime, enjoy this series of pictures of toddlers playing hide-and-go-seek.  And a gif set of sporting fail.  And my personal favorite, the Prince George #peasants meme.  /sigh

edit:  APPARENTLY this layout does not highlight or underline or bold your links in any way?  So it has to go.  But not while I’m sitting in a McDonald’s with a hungry husband because I STILL DO NOT HAVE INTERNET IN MY HOUSE.

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