Friday Link Spam

I was doing this on Facebook, but it was hard to format and you can’t embed links, so I’m resurrecting it here!

A list of the names of all the kidnapped Nigerian girls

A lovely newly-discovered galaxy that defies current thought on how ancient galaxies should look!

An article about an amateur flight around Mount St. Helen’s as it erupted; the pictures from that flight are here.

And this section would surely not be complete without an article examining Russia’s threats concerning U.S. involvement with the ISS.  Favorite line?  “Don’t get me wrong: Cold War 2 would be awful for the world, but it would instantly and utterly solve NASA’s funding issues.”  Sob.

This article of two tips to improve your family life and health is good, but her third step nearly brought me to tears.  Beautiful.  There’s also a part four!  (The comments are also generally worth reading.)

A good piece about the problems with using “I have a boyfriend” as a way to deflect negative male attention

Pierced Hands is a great blog, period, but I especially love Meg’s challenges, like this Fifty Ways to Celebrate Easter.  (Reminder:  IT’S STILL EASTER.)

On all the little woes of being a Catholic woman.  (Sobbing in the Confessional? Critiquing others’ outfits? Absolutely.)

On the current growth of the board game industry

Nerdy knitting, for those who aren’t afraid of double-knitting (i.e., not me)


Anthony Bourdain, like me, has thoughts about our tangled relationships with other countries, specifically Mexico.

Fifteen famous landmarks in context

As a writer, I was practically frothing at the mouth over these excerpts from various authors famous in the 60s on symbolism in their work.

An article aboutthe ancient Chinese view of the Roman Empire

Horrible awful and occasionally beautiful unpopular baby names from turn-of-the-twentieth-century America

A reminder of the costs of reality TV, Biggest-Loser-style


Little Prince George visiting Australia

Bare Bones Comedy, a comic strip

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