Friday Link Spam

I apologize for the age of some of these links–they’ve been languishing, waiting for a post. Next week’s should be more up-to-date. And probably longer.

A discussion of Marine Le Pen and French xenophobia

A look at Communist communal kitchens, with a bonus link to a conversation about the differences between Soviet and American thought between none other than Nixon and Krushchev.

You can always count on me to give you reports on the woe that is standardized testing.

A heads-up for students: don’t take notes with a laptop. (I never understood how people could do that anyway; how are you supposed to draw squiggly lines to connect your points?)

Absolutely gorgeous examples of Russian illustrations for Lord of the Rings

The New Yorker‘s profile of John Green

On that note, yet another article in defense of YA literature

How to refurbish a cast-iron skillet. (If you don’t have one, WHY NOT?)

For Mass Effect fans, a Douglas-Adams-esque story about Harbinger’s placement in the final battle.

The Pacific Rim honest trailer

Another little imagining, this time concerning the Baroness in The Sound of Music

An awesome old man jumping out of a plane.

WARNING: GRAPHIC DISCUSSION OF SEX AND RAPE in this still-worth-a-read article about HBO, Game of Thrones, and visual depictions of sex. (Alternate title: if even the secular media has picked up on the pointlessness of your graphic sex, you know you’re doing something wrong.)

On valuing spending time with friends over having a clean house

How “awareness activism” has tried to fill the vacuum left by the departure of prayer, and how it succeeds and fails

One of many articles I’ve read about why commenting on family size is always a bad idea

And finally, a reflection from my cousin on storms and life

Happy Friday!

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