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Foundational Media: Wag the Dog

(Did you know that when Comcast suspends your services, all attempts to access the internet will take you to Walled garden. How terribly poetic. Comcast, for once, I’m actually a little impressed.)

Foundational media! A new series wherein I discuss books, films, and other media types that had a deep impact on my psyche at what were probably impressionable ages.

In honor of all the current talk about Iraq, I thought I’d reach back to November 2001, when I was a wee thirteen-year-old visiting my aunt and uncle who were noticeably more lax about such things as “caffeine intake” and “movie ratings” than my own parents. I remember sitting in my aunt’s father’s living room with my cousin and my aunt popping in a movie for us to watch. I remember protesting mightily at being shown an R-rated movie, and doing my best not to pay attention, but of course I was sucked into it anyway. I honestly have no idea how my aunt came to have this movie on VHS, or why she thought sticking it in was a good life decision—I’m ninety-nine percent sure we were visiting because her father had just passed away, and so I’m sure she had more important things on her mind than how terribly she was about to affect her niece’s view of the world.
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