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I believe every individual is unique, created for a unique purpose only they can fulfill.  I believe that purpose exists within the context of their surrounding community, and that we have a responsibility to help each other achieve that purpose.  I believe these purposes give us dignity, and if we all have dignity we deserve to be treated with it.  I believe in Truth and in encouraging others to seek it.  I believe fear is the greatest obstacle we face, and I believe we have a responsibility to encourage each other to overcome it.

I also believe we are human and prone to failure, that we hurt each other, that forgiveness is hard, that the world can be a harsh and nasty place, often because we make it that way.  But I believe we are created, that we are created good, and that we are created for love, and if we trust in these things and seek them, we can make the world a better place.

So welcome to my blog!  I look forward to making the journey with you.  🙂

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