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Pacific Rim: A Review

THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS though obviously I’m the last person on earth (well, my husband and I) to see this movie so I don’t know how much that matters.

I should note for starters that the only real reviews I’ve read of Pacific Rim are a couple of scientific critiques and this, which I’ll talk about later in greater detail. It’s my habit when I know I want to write about a movie or book to avoid other mentions of it until I’ve had a chance to get my thoughts down. I welcome links if you have them!

That being said, I have a Tumblr account, and thus I saw a lot of hype for this movie and many, many gif sets of Mako Mori. Again, more on that in a minute.

Also, I missed like half the character names in this movie, so, uh, be on the lookout for other identifying makers.

I enjoyed large parts of this movie, and I thought that cinematically speaking it was well-shot, edited, etc. (except for one cut towards the end with the escape pods). It’s definitely a solid B- movie (that space is there intentionally); it’s too pretty for a C+, but there are too many

for to it to be a solid B movie. I know people like to say “it’s a movie about giant robots facing giant aliens you just have too little imagination” or “it’s an homage to anime/Japanese pop culture/mecha/etc.,” but suspension of disbelief has less to do with being able to accept premises (giant robots vs. aliens) and more with how the story treats the fallout from those premises.
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